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Defini Migraine You Should Know

Defini Migraine You Should Know


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Defini Migraine You Should Know - A migraine is one disease that occurs in the head so that it will happen to light or a severe headache. Migraine a headache occurred at the head but just next to the throbbing pain so sufferers feel nausea, vomiting and will last long enough even up to 2 days. Migraine headache attacks can occur suddenly and the migraine usually occurs due to overly sensitive to light, sound and smell.

Migraines will occur on one side of which lasted long enough to even be able to move to the other side. A migraine is included in a chronic nature which will occur repeatedly. Next to headaches generally occurs in women who are already parents approx. interrelations between 35-50 years caused by activities that so much because they have to prepare for everything.

Symptoms that may occur to you while a migraine among others the vision will be blurry, nausea, vomiting and head is very heavy because the feel of the pulse excessive so that sufferers are not able to do any activity. Migraines can be caused by dilated arteries in the head. Here are some of the causes or factors that lead to a migraine.

Defini Migraine You Should Know


  1. Food and drink
    You need to pay attention to the time-consumption of food and drink do not too much because it will provoke a migraine, some foods cause of migraines among others, Cheese, chocolate, nuts, loaves of Sourdough, raisin, papaya, alcoholic drinks and beverages that contain caffeine.
  2. Stress
    Stress can also be said to be the main cause of migraines because sufferers will experience a period of distress and emotional. Generally someone who experienced the stress will feel restless, sad and uncertain mood so it can make the head would ache.
  3. Hormone
    The hormone is the cause of a migraine happen and generally occurs frequently in women just before menstruation.
  4. Sensory
    One of the causes of migraines are more due to the sense of sight or smell good. It said the cause of the migraines because when you see the dip-dip, direct sunlight or very bright light, the smell is too strong like perfume, cigarette smoke.
  5. Sleep
    Sleep is a thing that should be done by everyone but must pay attention to your sleep patterns because if not it will cause the migraines. Because some scientists have requires that more than 50% of people will experience a migraine after quite a long time.
  6. Remedy
    Before the drug consumption should take note of the expiration of a cure because if not and the validity period has expired will make your head ache.
  7. Magnesium Deficiency
    Magnesium should be fulfilled as good because someone recently researches found that magnesium deficiency will be the cause of migraines due to nerves on the brain is not so fluent migraines.
  8. Menstruation
    Menstruation is the cause of migraines on a woman because a migraine would normally attack on women when menstrual periods caused by decreased levels of esterogen at that time.

8 main causes of a migraine occurs above are things that you have to pay attention because if these factors almost ignored then chances are you will be affected by migraines that make you will be hard to get up from your bed.

Enough of all this to the article this time on DEFINE MIGRAINE  hopefully helpful.
Defini Migraine You Should Know
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